Your ski rental in
Sulden am Ortler

Right by the valley station

You can get right into the middle of your winter adventure before you need to put on your skis? How? The Waxelpeter ski rental outlet in Sulden am Ortler is located right by the valley station of the Sulden cable car. Are you enjoying the winter break with your children? Even the little ones will find everything they need with us. In addition to the modern ski depot, our premises houses a professionally run ski kindergarten. Anyone who wants to participate in a ski school is also spared the hassle of hauling equipment around. Your ski school will welcome you right next to the outlet.

It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner, advanced or an expert - your ski rental in Sulden am Ortler is ready for all requirements and standards. In addition to a large selection of brands and models, you will find one thing above all in our rental, sales and service area: loads of space to move around in. Our spacious rooms with generous open spaces make your search for the right equipment a stress-free adventure. Which, by the way, can be done quickly and easily. Thanks to Rentmaxx!

Our unique rental software helps us to manage ski rentals in Sulden am Ortler. Register at our Rentmaxx and enjoy the quick, individual and secure rental processing – including great advice. Check-in, adjust your boots, skis and poles and hit the slopes! Your fun in the snow couldn't get off to a more pleasant start.

You can pick up your rental equipment from 14:00 the day before. Nothing will therefore stand in the way of an early and relaxed start on the slopes.

Have your plans for the piste been thwarted? No problem! You can cancel your booking with us free of charge.

Waxelpeter's rental categories

Skiing should be safe and fun. To ensure this, we always keep an eye on the fitness levels and skill levels of our customers. With our many rental categories we can cater for all your needs. From a snow plough to a kick experience on black slopes - our practical equipment can do it all.

First time on skis? We have the ideal equipment for easy slopes and those who like to experiment in the lower speed range. Simple handling and easy turning are the order of the day here. With Waxelpeter you can make a great start to your life on the slopes.

Do you like to go a bit faster and can take on all slopes? Then pick up your premium model from our ski rental outlet in Sulden am Ortler. The latest technologies guarantee top performance, precision and safe fun on the slopes.

The elite class of ski rental in Sulden am Ortler. Unique technology paired with exclusive design. Are you a ski pro with the highest requirements in equipment? We are the experts when it comes to getting equipment for experts.

Do your kids need skies between 70 and 129 cm? Then you're in the right place in the children's ski category. Our children's ski set includes skis, boots, poles and a helmet.

Skiers with a ski length of  130 - 150 cm belong in the youth ski category. Our youth ski set consists of skis, boots, poles and a helmet.

You can pick up your rental equipment from 14:00 the day before. Nothing will therefore stand in the way of an early and relaxed start on the slopes.

Waxelpeter's range

Rent instead of buying! Make sure you have no bulky ski equipment in your luggage and always have the latest models. Our ski rental in Sulden am Ortler has over 1000 pairs of skis, snowboards with a new binding system and much more in stock:

  • Skis + ski boots + ski poles
  • Snowboards + snowboard boots
  • NEW: Step-on snowboards
  • Touring skis + touring shoes
  • Tobogganing
  • Snowshoes
  • Helmets

Equipment is checked and prepared after each return, while shoes and helmets are disinfected. Our service keeps its promises. Namely to offer everything your skier’s heart can possibly desire.

You can take out theft insurance with us for €10.00 too – just to make sure you can always sit back and relax when taking a break on the slopes.

Waxelpeter's service

Who keeps giving the skis that so many people love the best finish? Waxelpeter's service team! Thanks to our Reichmann SF-4 Race service robot with its three modules, your ski rental in Sulden am Ortler can always bring your equipment back into perfect condition with precise technology. What does that mean? Base tuning, edge tuning, waxing and polishing to the very best standards. We are happy to personalise your edges on request and adapt them to match your skiing style.

Enjoy our instant ski service without the hassle of long waiting times. In just 15 minutes, our service team will have your skis ready for use again. Then you can have more fun on the slopes!